Friday, May 05, 2006

Back soon.

It's the end-of-semester crush. The status report on my Faculty Fellowship project was due this past Wednesday, so I was in overdrive working on the draft of my book, writing a number of sections I have yet to post.

I'm off now to a Music for People weekend. Some time for creative insanity. Improvisation is the absolute best thing to do field research on! I get to go be with "my people," as my exwife calls them. (Well, she calls them, affectionately, "your people.") I also hope to catch Sunday afternoon's Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center concert on the way back for the last week of classes.

I'll be back, but it may be a week or two!

I must say that the process of writing this book-by-blogging has been stimulating and empowering. Thanks to everyone who's given feedback and suggestions so far.

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