Friday, September 29, 2006

Final session with this rotation

Today we had our final session with this rotation. Great students; I wish I could be with them longer.

We started by sharing the societal/world issue that most concerns each of us. The students were very open; one was, I think, crying at one point. Then we made music. I don't have time to describe the pieces now; I'll just mention we ended with a blues that took a while for everyone to get the hang of. But it seemed especially appropriate that, focused on what causes us emotional pain, we ended up doing the blues together--it's the great authentic American form for expressing pain.

The main purpose of the post is to provide a place for members of the class to post their observations and reflections.


Mistuh Bond said...

Well, see, whenever I talk about that subject, I do get kind of emotional. But anyway: the class, I felt, was the best rotation, and actually was the most fun out of my daily schedule. I think this is an indication of how good a professor Edberg is. I feel that this improvisation class would attract a lot of students if it were turned into a semester-long course.

Emily Rose said...

I think the best part of our blues improv was how long it took us to get into the music. It was a testament to how hard it is to share and express pain, even when it is what one wants to do most. However, our blues improv also proves that it is easier to understand and change pain, if you confront it with other people.

I also, really liked this class too. It was my favorite so far; I wish we had more time to explore how good our group could get.

Becca said...

This seminar has helped us in so many ways to become more of a group and to understand each other as musicians. I've enjoyed it tremendously, and I know I'm not alone. Expect me in that Improvisation class next semester!

And thanks to Tommy, Dr. Edburg and Kirk... I appreciate your help with my composition!