Friday, June 22, 2007

Stuck . . .

I am totally blocked! Or I just can't get into it. Perhaps there's still some end-of-semester, start-of-summer-concert-series burnout going on.

Oh well, it will start to flow. Meanwhile, I watched a Bobby McFerrin DVD yesterday (how wonderfully inspiring), started Christopher Small's book Music, Society, Education (I've become quite a Small fan over the past year), and squeezed out a bit of new writing--nothing worth posting, though.

So I'm blogging about the process of pulling things together, and we'll see if this helps get things unstuck. Right now, it's really indecision. What form do I want the final project to take? What audience do i want it to reach?

The more philosophical it is, the fewer the actual musicians who might read it. The more personal it is, the more it risks becoming a stare-at-your-navel sort of thing in which I wallow around in episodes of depression and self-pity. And for some reason i can't get the "how to" sort of thing going.

Well, there are far worse fates than sitting around, reading, blogging, and considering directions for a writing project while still receiving a salary all summer.


Emily said...

You probably know this already, but our pal Stravinsky said something to the effect that the more we constrain ourselves, the more creative we are. There are few things more terrifying than drive accompanied by a nearly blank canvas. Maybe you should try a more limited approach. At the very least, you'll figure out what you don't want, right? Hope your summer is full of cello and cold beers. :)

Eric Edberg said...

Good point. And thanks (esp. for the reminder about the beer!).